Honda HHTE38 Cordless Lawn TrimmerFREE BATTERY & CHARGER

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No cords. No limits. Convenient, highly efficient and lightweight.

Our Cordless Range makes gardening simple. One battery is able to power any of the three tools which makes sure gardening work is quieter and lighter whilst also being kinder to the environment. Say hello to no cords and bye to being held back.

Our Cordless Lawn Trimmer is a precise cutting tool which is suitable for lawn edges and cutting around tricky garden obstacles. This product is also able to clear both long grass and dense foliage. The product's weight is balanced which ensures it is safe and effortless to use.

The Tap and Go head feeds the nylon thread during use - so you are able to concentrate on uninterrupted trimming. You are also able to control of the speed meaning you can easily select the power of the trimmer to suit the conditions.

Please Note: Battery is not included. Both a battery and a battery charger are necessary extras with cordless products.


Motor 56V Brushless DC
Speed control Variable
Noise: sound pressure level at operator's ear LPA (measured according to ISO 22868) (dB(A)) 76, KPA=2.5
Vibration (m/s²) Rear handle: 1.011, K=1.5 / Front handle: 1.242, K=1.5
Work time (2Ah) (Running times may vary, depending on conditions)* Up to 28min
Work time (4Ah) (Running times may vary, depending on conditions)* Up to 39 min


Cutting diameter (mm Ø) 380
Cutting speed (rpm) 5800


Line diameter (mm) 2.4
Weight (kg) 3.04
Weight with battery (2Ah) (kg) 4.3
Weight with battery (4Ah) (kg) 5.24


Cell type Lithium -ION
Capacity (2Ah) (Wh) 112
Capacity (4Ah) (Wh) 224
Voltage (V mains supplied) 56 max (50.4 mean)
Cellconfiguration (V) 4 (3.6) x 14 1P
Condition New