Brushcutters / Strimmers

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  • Honda UMS425LE Brushcutter

    Honda UMS425LE Brushcutter

    These 25cc models feature the ultra-efficient and quiet GX25 engine, with a robust yet lightweight design to tackle undergrowth and rough grass where a lawnmower can't.
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  • Honda UMK425LE Brushcutter

    Honda UMK425LE Brushcutter

    The UMK425 LE, for example, is a nimble but powerful straight-shaft brushcutter perfect for trimming intricate edges and borders with outstanding precision,
  • Honda UMK425UE Brushcutter

    Honda UMK425UE Brushcutter

    Honda’s UMK425 UE is a straight-shaft petrol brushcutter which offers cutting performance, versatility and outstanding convenience in a single compact package.
  • Honda UMK435LE Brushcutter

    Honda UMK435LE Brushcutter

    The 35cc Honda UMK 435 LE features a revolutionary mini 4-stroke engine offering unrivalled smooth and quiet operation. A convenient D-loop and barrier bar type handle ensuring control with safety.